September 13, 2009

I have records, shirts, and other items for sale on ebay:


In theory i will be posting new items monday through friday, generally records, but other random oddities will be thrown in. Whats up right now is: circle takes the square lp, man is the bastard 7″‘s, hot cross lp, amber inn 7″, etc.




September 2, 2009


sorry for the late update, and lack of updates…

  • so, the lautrec 7″ is coming out this month! some snags with the test press/plating…shit was fucked…
  • the deers! 7″ should be out in time for there fall tour some time in late october. any one outside of california on the west coast get in touch me or them.
  • We have now relocated to Portland, Or! cool, right? i don’t know, maybe…
  • for the month of september, all things int he webstore are now 25% off when you use this coupon : september        …. it should ask for it when you check out.
  • you should be listening to these albums: silver jews- american water, grails- doomsayer’s holiday, six organs of admittance- luminous light, and the sky by sorella 7″ (inchworm records, wha?)

st. malo


May 26, 2009

trifle tower/killeur calculateur split is at the press and should be here in the next week or so.


more stuff has been added to the webstore, including la quiete 7″‘s and drowning with our anchors lp’s…


the record has been soldified with DEERS! ( www.myspace.com/deersexclamationpoint ). it is going to be a three part release called the “nature collection”. each one-sided 7″ will be in relation ot a theme of nature, the first being in relation to the ocean. more info to come, get stoked.

thank you,


the great phallus of civilization

the great phallus of civilization


May 13, 2009

This is the new site…a work in progress.

i sent the Trifle Tower/ Killeur Calculateur split 7″ out for a repress of 225.

i will be putting out a Deers 7″ in the coming months…


By the end of the year, twenty two days 10″ repress(already?) and Us, haunted bodies 7″ repress

all this, and i move to Oregon in August?


I took a trip to France in April and i took alot of pictures. I am going to post a new one with every post…


April 16th, 2009

April 16, 2009

The myth being sent around was that i was going to be finishing the label… in fact, i was the one planting such mythology around the glorious world wide web. well, i lied, communique is going to continue…

so, what’s next?

deers! 7″?

Us, Haunted Bodies 7″ repress?

Trifle Tower/Killeur Calculateur split 7″ repress?